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I have officially accepted my invitation to join the Forbes Agency Council to share my marketing expertise and content with a larger audience.

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Forbes Councils' goal is for business professionals to "connect, collaborate, and grow" - and learn from each other.

So now I ask you to "Help Me Help You". (but seriously, help me out here)

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'Tis the Season for the best campaign of the year: #2018GOALS via Spotify

I know what you're thinking. "That 'I Love Gingers' playlist from the Spotify 2018 #GOALS campaign...definitely Diana."

Well, I hate to disappoint, but it's not me. Do I have 48 Ed Sheeran songs on my Spotify - ABSOLUTELY - But no "I Love Gingers" playlist. That said, #GOALS.

Spotify revived last year's hit campaign with a #2018GOALS twist.  Same sort of fun facts, with "savage" and "winning" copy - And featuring some of the consumer's top-streamed talent.

Why this campaign works, and what you can steal for your brand:

- Fun stats that make people go "SAME" or "Also Me", just like our favorite social memes and gifs.

- Its core is the universal language - MUSIC. This campaign can be duplicated and tweaked to work in any state, country, continent, you get the, our nosey human nature fix is met with consumer insights and habits exposed with each Spotify secret shared.

- Inclusion of current events, big headlines, and trends that you couldn't miss if you tried. From vegan diet fads to politics, Spotify is proving it knows what's up.

While this year's campaign is a win, last year's "Dear person who played 'Sorry' 42 times on Valentine's Day, what did you do?" still has me convinced that Ross & Rachel are still fighting over their "break".


Not Your Average "Living Room Jam Session" - An AirBnb Highlight!

AirBnb is a platform that thrives off the user's unique experience.  In an effort to expand upon that, they need to align with other 'experiences' - And what better experience than MUSIC, which knows no bounds in terms of demographic (and creativity!).  

As AirBnb promotes its new "trips" initiative, which offers more than just a place to stay but also activities, they are giving "living room jam sessions" a major upgrade (and leveraging some strategic partnerships).

“Music is an incredible way to bring people together,” AirBnB CEO Brian Chesky said at the time. “We’re launching Music Experiences to give people access to exclusive and immersive music events — from intimate live performances, special pop-up gigs, underground music sessions, and meeting local artists and performers.”

If your brand relies heavily on creating a consumer experience, entertainment partnerships and activations may be the key to success!  

Contact STILETTO Mgmt for more information.

Check out the full article from Variety.

AirBnB Living Room.png

Arcane Revelry Partners with Feastly PDX and Select CBD for First CBD Brunch Series and Product Launch

Arcane Revelry Partners with Feastly and Select CBD for First CBD Brunch Series and Product Launch

●      Arcane Revelry has partnered with dining experience platform, Feastly, and national CBD brand, Select CBD, to host Feastly Portland’s first CBD-Infused Brunch Series on Saturday, November 11th from 11am to 2pm in Portland, Oregon.

●      At the event, Select CBD will announce and present a brand new hemp-derived, essential oil infused CBD product.

●      For a ticket price of $55, guests will indulge in a CBD-infused gourmet brunch with Select CBD, sip on CBD-infused cocktails, learn about the benefits of CBD and receive a brand new product from the Select CBD line.

PORTLAND, OR, Oct. 23rd, 2017 -- Arcane Revelry and dining experience platform, Feastly, are hosting a CBD-infused brunch series to celebrate a brand new Select CBD product on Saturday, November 11 from 11am to 2pm PT in Portland, Oregon. At Select CBD Saturnalia, Infused Harvest Brunch & Revelry, Select CBD will announce a brand new product in its line of essential oil infused, hemp-derived CBD. 

Tickets are $55 and are available now.

Ages 21+ are invited to attend this Feastly PDX and Select CBD first, featuring CBD-infused haute cuisine prepared by Chef Harol Mendieta and CBD-infused cocktails by Coalition Brewing, Indio Spirits/Rose City Distilling, and Messina Bitters.  Arcane Revelry events sell out, and this event will be capped at 40 attendees. 

Those who have never experienced a CBD infused meal can expect to be educated by the experts at Arcane Revelry and Select CBD. Arcane Revelry provides guests with a safe and private venue to connect with members of our community, educate and learn from each other, and normalize cannabis and hemp consumption. Select CBD representatives will also be onsite to educate guests on CBD, a compound that interacts with the body’s endocannabanoid system, which regulates pain sensation, mood, the immune system, memory and countless other important physical functions.

“A professional, relaxed, creative and fun atmosphere is exactly how we want people to experience our products for the first time, so this partnership with Arcane Revelry represents exceptional brand alignment,” said Select CBD Marketing Director Sarah Groom. “It’s critical to provide education around cannabis and hemp products in order to reduce stigma around consumption, so we’re thrilled to provide that opportunity to our guests.”

Because these products are hemp-derived, they contain zero THC, with no psychoactive buzz effect that you would expect from most cannabis. Guests can expect several satiating CBD-infused courses that will be paired with complimentary herb & fruit infused mimosas. Local music will help guests experience the full, relaxing effect of CBD, along with an awesome selection of signature craft cocktails, beer and wine for purchase.

Reserve a spot now for Arcane Revelry and Select Oil’s first CBD-infused brunch!  Purchase tickets here

SelectCBD_Brunch Invite.jpg


Cannabis Culture by Invitation Only.

Arcane Revelry has made its debut in Portland, OR by launching an exclusive cannabis pop-up dinner series. These exciting events bring together community members, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, innovators, and forward thinkers that all share a love of cannabis culture and high-spirited social engagement.

Arcane Revelry experiences combine unique private venues, delicious meals crafted by gourmet chefs, industry sponsors, amazing people, and new friends. Each event features a curation of many great products for our guests to enjoy and sample. 

Purchase Tickets: 

Contact Arcane Revelry for more information: 

Diana Eberlein, Agency Partner


Instagram: @stiletto_mgmt

Brand Spotlight: KFC on Twitter - "11 Herbs & Spices"

Know your brand. Win over the consumer.

For a little Friday fun, I checked, because I couldn't fathom a more perfect social play (ok, maybe I could--damn Oreo let me down with the Totality, but anyway...) and this post is 100% accurate. (Also checked, and it doesn't apply to their Instagram, only Twitter) KFC's account is following the 5 Spice Girls and 6 guys named Herb to live up to their tag line of "11 Herbs & Spices" for their famous secret fried chicken recipe. It also aligns perfectly with the brand's quirky personality.

This post is also up to 193k RTs and 409k Likes on Twitter and climbing (in less than 24 hours), with multiple users praising the social media manager and recommending they get a raise. It has also caught the attention of media outlets currently running the story. The guy behind the account (seemingly just a guy out of South Dakota with a few hundred followers) that 'cracked the code' that just blew our minds should get free KFC for life, and maybe KFC can setup a meet & greet for him to formally meet all 11 Herbs and Spices.

Bravo, KFC. BRAVO.

Breaking the Stigma in the Cannabis Industry - NewWest Summit 3.0

Last week I attended NewWest Summit 3.0 in Oakland, which is focuses on business, media, and tech within the cannabis industry.  There were countless entrepreneurs there sharing their stories about they overcame hurdles and their tricks to success.  

While at the hotel restaurant a man stopped me and asked if I was part of the "Cannabis Tech Conference" to which he followed up with "What do you guys even talk about", and then a laugh.  Ugh - I get this quite a bit when I explain it to some of my old college friends (slight jab, you know who you are :) ).  I went on to explain the state of the industry, the conversations and sessions taking place, etc. He thanked me for the overview, but I think he was just shocked that there are professionals in the cannabis space and the dedication/attention being paid. 

See, all the panelists and presenters, all the brands in the conference hall with their products on display...these are true entrepreneurs and pioneers of the Cannabis Industry.  They wake up every day with a fire beneath them because they have to fight to keep their businesses alive, overcome hurdles other industries don't have to deal with, spend nights reading up on the latest regulation changes to see how they will impact their business. 

Talk about breaking the stigma.

New West Summit.jpg

All Hail The Queen - Taylor Swift

Did you watch MTV's VMAs? Or were you too busy prepping finger-foods for your Game of Thrones viewing party?

If you tuned into GoT, you had a much more eventful evening than loyal VMA viewers, but regardless we should pay homage to the 'Queen' - Taylor Swift. T-Swift slayed the lackluster VMAs from her throne - AKA her couch. She didn't even have to attend the awards show to prove her dominance in the art of publicity. Instead, she debuted her "Look What You Made Me Do" music video, likely smirked with each tweet about the lackluster VMAs (hosted by rival Katy Perry), and likely made deviled dragon eggs prepping for 'winter'.

Brands take note - She always with the PR game. What brand will partner with Swift to create a mutually beneficial "Look What You Made Me Do" campaign? So many way this can be spun!

All Hail The Queen.

STILETTO is Bringing Arcane Revelry to Seattle!

Check out our last cannabis pop-up dinner series event in Portland, Oregon for 2017 on August 12th - Tickets Available NOW!

And we're coming to Seattle in September - Stay Tuned!

Read more about Arcane Revelry on The Weed Blog.

"Perhaps you have been to a pop-up dinner series before…but not like this one! Arcane Revelry is a one-of-a-kind. elevated dining experience that made it’s debut in Portland, OR by launching an exclusive cannabis pop-up summer dinner series. These exciting events bring together community members, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, innovators, and forward thinkers that all share a love of cannabis culture and high-spirited social engagement. The events combine unique private venues, deliciously healthy crafted meals, cannabis industry sponsors, amazing people, and new friends."

Kandypens - The Next BEATS by DRE?

Just because MTV 'retired' music videos doesn't mean they don't exist.  Music videos still get MILLIONS of views online, and the content lives FOREVER - Plus, it's more affordable than you may think!  

Through their entertainment partnerships, Kandy Pens has established themselves as a top vape pen brand in a space that is growing exponentially - 470 million views and counting with their most recent placement below.  Regardless of whether or not they are "the one" or best on the market, the point is that they are following in the steps of BEATS by DRE - And we all know how that worked out.

Every brand should have a music and entertainment marketing strategy to keep their product top-of-mind.  Conversion and sales will always be a top priority, but neglecting to make overall brand awareness a main focus could set you up for failure as the market changes.  Entertainment marketing strategies are NOT a "one size fits all" - A tactic that works for a brand may not work for another so it's important to identify goals and customize a program that further supports your traditional marketing and advertising strategies.

Feel free to reach out to me directly for more information on available entertainment partnerships:

Happy 7/10?

Happy 7/10? Huh? It's the new 420? Wait, what?

Before working in cannabis, I just thought "dabbing" was a dumb dance move that athletes were incorporating into their victory routines (...and then almost immediately losing in the next big game, following the same trend as getting a tattoo of your significant other's name). So naturally, I also thought 7/10 was just July 10th. Silly me.

7/10 is a national holiday for the cannabis community that consumes concentrates - OIL (wax, shutter, BHO, etc.). 710 upside down and backwards is OIL - oh so clever. It's commonly referred to as "Dab Day" or "Oil Day". "Dabbing" is a technique that is growing in popularity due to the quick and intense high that can be achieved. Before you roll your eyes and make the assumption this is a "stoner's dream", as it is often cast in a negative light because of the overall consumption process, this has also been incredibly helpful for those using medical marijuana for instant relief. Some consumers also report that this method of consumption has helped them quit more serious addictions including opioids.

Focusing on the benefits versus the stigma associated will assist with further legalization regulations.


Bud Light Wins Lollapalooza, Along with Chicago's Heart!

Step by Step Creative:

1. Lollapalooza is an annual music festival, taking place in Grant Park, Chicago.

2. Bud Light is an official sponsor of Lollapalooza 2017.

3. Chance the Rapper is the headliner for Lollapalooza 2017.

4. Bud Light partners with Chicago artist, Brandon Breaux, who designed all of Chance the Rapper's album covers for a limited edition aluminum bottle featuring Chicago's iconic landmarks.

This is how you win music festival season.

This is a multi-pronged campaign that allows Bud Light to tap into the heart of the Chicago community through the love of art (music, design - all forms), summer, and beer - Whether you attend Lollapalooza or not. Anheuser-Busch is no stranger when it comes to the event sponsorship space, but they continue to innovate and create strategic partnerships to maximize exposure and engage their consumer through storytelling.

"Recalculating" - More than just directions from your GPS.

All according to plan, I started my professional career in Los Angeles in the summer of 2006 after graduating from LMU.  In 2007, I entered the very professional corporate world to boost my resume.  Years later, I 'recalculated' and began my career in the entertainment industry in 2010.  Late in 2015, after working in entertainment on brand, agency, and talent sides, I 'recalculated' again and relocated to Seattle where I now work very closely with brands and media platforms within the cannabis industry.  

I never would have predicted when I first graduated from college that I would end up in Seattle - Not to mention working in the cannabis industry.  When the road gets tough or you're too focused on the next opportunity, you forget to cherish where you're from and what 'route' you took to get where you are today.

In many ways I'm still "recalculating", as are many others, and this Jeep Compass commercial reminded me of the journey in my rearview mirror while energizing me for the adventure ahead.  

Great ad, and of course the marketer in me thinks there's ‘leg room’ if they want to expand this campaign into tour sponsorships or celebrity diaries highlighting their "recalculating" moments (just saying!).  

All puns totally intended.

Brand Highlight: The Iconic OREO & their Marketing Mix

Oreo has been a brand on our radar since their "You can still dunk in the dark" social media win during Super Bowl XLVII. While we're not a fan of all the new flavors Oreo's Wonder Vault has released, from Oreo thins to candy bars, we love that Oreo is constantly reinventing their brand and trying new ways to spark conversation around their products.

Today, Oreo launched their #MyOreoCreation social media campaign with the help of celebrity endorser Ellie Kemper and a number of social media influencers. It's slightly reminiscent of the Lay's "Do Us a Flavor" campaign that is successful year over year. Social media contests are a great way to engage your current customer and keep your brand top of mind.

Oreo is more than a iconic cookie. Oreo has established itself as an industry leader and innovator, diversifying their marketing and advertising mix with social media contests and influencers, celebrity endorsements, product development, and more.

If you don't have an eye on Oreo already, start now. While entertainment marketing tactics are not "one size fits all", Oreo might inspire your next campaign.

And Oreo, one request...make this next flavor in MEGA STUF, please :)

How The Zoe Report made Like2Buy a Social Media Solution for Original Content Sharing

The Like2Buy feature has been touted as the "missing link" finally making Instagram easily shoppable and a monetizing tool for brands. There is no doubt that this tool is helpful for brands and social media influencers alike, but there is one group I've noticed (not to say there aren't others) that is using this tool to drive traffic to their original content without constantly updating the clickable link in their bio. It's brilliant, clean, and well executed. Today on a call I referenced it as an example of a strategy that could work for another brand so I wanted to share it for those that haven't seen this workaround - This is a tactic other brands and publications could incorporate into their social media marketing strategies.

The Zoe Report is a lifestyle account curated by Rachel Zoe. They have utilized this tool not to shop (although I'm sure there are advertisements included and brand partners mentioned in their content), but to drive traffic to their original content on their website. It's not for every brand, but if your social media content is a tease to a larger story or educational content for your target consumer, this might be the social media solution for you.

Check it out -

The Fyre Festival Failure, NDAs, and the Lesson of the Week

Ever wonder why people who work in the entertainment industry are always talking about NDAs? The article below is EXACTLY why.  The experienced event production team knew the event was going to fail far before it made national and international headlines.  

As someone who has produced numerous events and worked with securing talent, reading about this experience made my stomach turn with anxiety.  I can only imagine those awkward and difficult phone calls regarding payment, or that sinking feeling when you realize that management has no idea what they are doing.  It's scary and it's your name on line, just as much as theirs.  

I did literally 'lol' (more like a yelp, thinking "how could this situation get any worse for them!") when I read that last line, "And baby, they forgot to make me sign an NDA." - Oh, how that must burn like 'Fyre',

That being said, even with all the hype around Fyre Festival's failure, there are plenty of successful events and reliable production companies creating beautifully branded experiences everywhere.  When an event is the 4th or 5th annual event, most likely it runs like a well-oiled machine at this point.  Behind these scenes, the production team may squirm and work insane hours to make things happen, but they have a proven track record of success and they know the drill.  No matter how hectic it may be behind these scenes, it almost always gets done with happy clients.

Lesson of the Week: Don't let one big news story turn you off from a great opportunity.

The Not-So-Coachella Cannabis Demographic

Part of the "Coachella Hangover" is seeing what celebrities went to which parties, what they were wearing, and what they were up to!  There was plenty of buzz around the Weedmaps Oasis, and they had some A-listers in attendance at their off-campus Coachella escape.  It was obviously a huge success and a fun event, with many great cannabis brand sponsors, but a lot of the content shared and reported by many media outlets has focused on the traditional stereotype for the cannabis consumer.

One of the fastest growing demographics is actually seniors, and another is the 30/35+ year old female that may be re-introduced to cannabis or is trading in their glass of wine for their preferred CBD and/or THC product.  And yes, CBD is growing in popularity as consumers are educated on the effects and medical benefits.

Many brands are leaving that old stoner stigma behind and the article below highlights a genius product that is catering to that more sophisticated demo, but also speaks to how the cannabis industry and their target demographic surprised them!

What Marketers Can Learn from SXSW 2017

Another SXSW has come and gone, but not without making a splash!  While there were reports of brands reducing their presence at SXSW this year, there were plenty of awesome activations of all sizes and scope.  Here are 3 takeaways that ALL brands can use moving forward with all brand activations:

·       Stick to what you’re good at

·       Focus on the goal, not being ‘the biggest’

·       Collaborate

1.       Stick to what you’re good at

If your brand is not an event-production company that offers PR/media outreach services, don’t take that piece on yourself unless you have an internal team solely dedicated to do just that.  A brand will spend more time, money, and resources taking that piece on than if they sponsored an existing event that is going to handle everything from securing the venue, to PR/media coverage, to VIP/influencer attendees. 

Think about it like you would a wedding.  People try to save money by using a venue they have access to (like their home) or not hiring a wedding planner.  You need to rent tables, chairs, shoot – what if it rains?  Anything require a permit?  Will the HOA freak out over the number of cars parked throughout the neighborhood?  Fast forward to the big day, the amount of time, money, resources, and gray hair…often not a huge savings when all is said and done! 

Sure, a bit different than what brands’ needs are whether producing or participating in an event, but the point is that the brand should focus what they know and leave event-related execution to the professionals.  You’ll be happy with the results and have just as much creative input as you would if you built it from scratch (but without the headache!).

2.       Focus on the goal, not being ‘the biggest’ 

Every activation wants to be the best, but that doesn’t mean the biggest.  Having the most bodies does not guarantee the best experience.  A well-executed event can be just as impactful as the largest event on the block.  Small and intimate can be just as effective, and can even exude a sort of “exclusivity” making it more desirable.

Compare it to your average Friday night.  You might go to the most popular club in town – line out the door, when you finally get in it takes 15+ minutes to get a drink, people everywhere, no available seating, your song never gets played on the jukebox, and someone’s flying elbow just spilled your drink.  As far you’re concerned, the most popular club in town is also THE WORST.  But that establishment down the street – you walk right in, same drink, song actually plays on the jukebox, and you can even snag a pool table or darts.  Same goes for industry events.  If the experience is lackluster or, on the flipside, overpowering, the vibe felt by the attendee is negative.

Focus on the goal – what is the experience you want the attendee to have and how can it be best executed?  And if you don’t know how it can be best executed, work with the event-production teams.  Together you can create the desired experience, keeping the brand’s goals as the main focal point.  The right PR and media plan can amplify the impact of any event and puts your brand in a larger conversation. 

3.       Collaborate

Have an idea, but need more support to make it come to fruition?  Whether it’s bringing on brand partners to take on some of the financial burden or a creative collaboration, strategic partnerships are a great way to focus on what you know best and leverage others’ resources, skill sets, and expertise to execute a top quality activation.                           

A great case study from this year’s SXSW was when Casper, Tesla, and The Standard Hotel teamed up for a unique hospitality activation that also capitalized on #NationalNapDay.  Festivals and conferences can be exhausting.  Whether you needed a place to stay that night or a quick cat nap to recharge for the rest of the day, Casper, Tesla, and The Standard Hotel through the One Night App had your back!  Casper promoted their mattresses, Tesla was the transportation provider in a city where Uber and other rideshare services are not available, and The Standard Hotel booked their newly renovated boutique hotel through the One Night App for last minute bookings (and at an incredible rate, especially when a big festival is taking place!).

If each brand tried to activate this on their own, it would require a large chunk of a marketing budget to execute, but by leveraging partnerships, collaborating, and sharing the load this was a cost-effective activation that required more planning than anything else!  The ROI was through the roof, as the hotel and other services were booked as soon as 3pm struck, but the additional buzz during the conference and with media coverage was the icing on the cake!

SXSW activations are always innovative, but the basics are the foundation that allow for those unique and creative activations to come to life.  Keep them in mind for your next event or marketing plan:

1.       Stick to what you’re good at

2.       Focus on the goal, not being ‘the biggest’

3.       Collaborate

STILETTO has worked with event-production teams for numerous lifestyle events, from New York Fashion Week to Music Festivals to Celebrity-Hosted VIP Events.  Let STILETTO guide you through your next activation.

Calling all Cannabis Brands – 5 FAQs about Entertainment Opportunities

I’ve spoken with a countless number of cannabis brands since I founded my agency and while it’s still unclear what government agencies will decide when it comes to future regulations (state and national), with recreational marijuana being legalized in key states, the prohibition is over and the stigma is slowly being lifted from the cannabis industry.  The cannabis industry is about to BOOM.

Up until now, social media and cannabis industry-specific media outlets have been the primary platforms for brands to promote their products and/or services (aside from working directly with dispensaries and budtenders). Many cannabis brands have successfully leveraged niche lifestyle influencers through successful affiliate marketing programs with proven ROI. Those tactics are a great way to build a business and those programs will continue to grow, but it’s time to go a step above and really differentiate yourself. 

With the “stoner stigma” being lifted and the fact that cannabis will be legal on a national level (if the projections are accurate), the opportunity for any cannabis brand is about to grow exponentially. It’s not just about sales anymore, the conversation will turn to brand awareness and perception with the goal of reaching new demographics and creating new potential customers across the US and internationally.

So, what’s next?

·      How do you become top of mind?

·      How do you make your product a national brand? 

·      How do you pull away from the rest of the pack, in an already saturated market that continues to grow rapidly? 

·      How do you get ahead of the curve? 

·      How do you maintain your brand image and amplify it to a larger audience?

ANSWER: Entertainment is KING. Whether it’s a beach bum vibe or sophisticated creative mindset you’re trying to recreate, it’s all about how the consumer “experiences” your brand and there are entertainment partnerships to help your brand achieve your goals through branded content.  

Hollywood events, celebrities and influencers are looking for strategic partnerships in the cannabis category NOW.


1.      How much for a celebrity to post on social media about our brand? And are they open to an affiliate program?

A.     The cost will vary by celebrity, based on social media reach, current project, and many other factors. Social media influencers, even with a large following, are almost always cheaper, but that is because there is value associated with being attached to a celebrity that has another platform outside of their social media.

I don’t generally recommend “social media post ONLY” campaigns, as they are more successful when they are linked to a larger campaign or piece of content. That being said, in terms of budget, there are few celebrities that will be willing to post for less than $5k per post - And many celebrities only want long-term engagements, not one-offs. Some may be open to an affiliate/% of revenue program as part of the deal, but celebrities will always require an upfront cash fee in addition the % of revenue. 100% revenue based deals are not an option when dealing with this level of talent.

2.      Are music festivals open to cannabis-related sponsorships/integrations?

A.     Yes. Activation details and budgets vary per music festival and type of associated event. (Coachella and Stagecoach are both open!!)

3.      What other opportunities are available for cannabis brands?

A.     Approval for cannabis brands is still a case by case basis, but the following are all open for discussions:

· Celebrity Event Appearance

· Celebrity Licensed Product Line/Celebrity Endorsement

· Music Video Integration

· Music Tour Sponsorship

· Private Party Sponsor (Malibu Beach House, Celebrity-Hosted Music Festival Parties)

· Event Sponsorships (Customized per Event)

· Gift Lounges

· Branded Integration – Web Series or Horror Film

· And more…sky is the limit.

4.      What kind of budgets do we need?

A.     Budgets are flexible and negotiable. Generally we can find something for every budget, but please refer to the “New Year, NEW BUDGET” blog for more budget and asset details.

5.      We’ve been approached for gift bag sponsorship opportunities. Should we do it, is it a good idea?

A.     NO. NEVER. Save your product and marketing budget for something with a larger ROI.

Final Thought: There is no limit to creativity. Brands, celebrities, productions, and events are all open to suggestions and ideas to a degree. It will come down to the final details of the activation and budget to see if it can become a reality.

Event Sponsorships: For every event, there are 5 more. Get in on the action!

For every event, there are 5 more.

It’s that time of year…every weekend there is another “Hollywood” event – Super Bowl, Grammys, New York Fashion Week, NBA All-Star, The Oscars…the list goes on, and soon we’ll be in music festival season, too.  And here’s my PSA - Just because you’re not an official sponsor of a particular event, this does NOT mean your brand can’t participate and get in on the action!

For every event, there are at least 5 associated events – kick-off parties, gift lounges, pre-parties, after-parties, viewing parties and more!  This past Sunday, 1 full week before The Oscars, there was a media event and gift lounge for talent, VIPs, and influencers to enjoy.  There will be events throughout the week leading up to the big show.  This leaves plenty of opportunities for brands, catering to all budgets, to get their products into the hands of influencers while creating PR, media, and social media buzz. 

The Why:


·       Differentiate yourselves from the competition

·       Interactive Experience with Top Talent and Influencers

·       Media & PR Buzz

·       Social Media Assets GALORE

·       Product Seeding

There are star-studded events throughout the year – Find one that’s right for your brand and get in on the action!

Contact STILETTO to learn about opportunities today!


Protein World is Fierce AF.

Protein World Ltd. is fierce. From "Are you beach body ready?" to "Can you keep up with a Kardashian?" They do their thing and it resonates with their equally fierce consumer.

We predict Round 2 will also go to Protein World.

New Protein World Ad hits the UK:

Revisit the original Protein World marketing post that explains why marketers must COMMIT: