How Morton Salt is reaching the Millennial Demographic


Who isn't familiar with Morton Salt? Or recognize their iconic "Umbrella Girl" in the yellow dress on the dark blue cylinder? Is it possible Millennials aren't as familiar with Morton Salt as the rest of us?

Well, Morton Salt will make sure they notice that they are more than "just salt".

Morton Salt partnered with indie-rock band OK Go to create an unbelievable visually stimulating music video for "The One Moment" to promote a new Morton philanthropic platform "Walk Her Walk", dedicated to making an impact on the world through 5 organizations.  Both Morton Salt and OK Go want individuals to understand, cherish, and take note of the impact each moment has on their lives and the world.

But let's talk about the marketing aspect of Morton Salt's partnership with OK Go and their decision to use Music Video Integration as a key component to their "Walk Her Walk" campaign.  Many people say "music videos are dead."  While they're not aired on MTV anymore, they live online (FOREVER) and still get millions and millions of views.  These videos are uploaded to YouTube by various sources, the artist, the label, maybe the production company, and even distributed to media outlets for PR stories.  And the view count tallies in front of your eyes.  Morton Salt's "Walk Her Walk" campaign and the "The One Moment" video have already garnered millions of impressions through media coverage alone.  Music videos are not dead - they are very much alive.

Aside from promoting their philanthropic "Walk Her Walk" campaign, leveraging their own "Umbrella Girl" as a spokesperson, Morton is targeting a new younger demographic that may not have grown up with the same dark blue canister of salt that has been around since 1848.  

What are millennials watching, doing, consuming?  Entertainment.

Morton Salt's Formula for Success:

Strong Brand + Worthy Cause + Cool Artist + Fun/Creative Concept = MILLENNIAL CONTENT GOLD (aka Music Video Integration)

5 HUGE Benefits to Music Videos:

·       Quick Turnaround - Most music videos move from concept to production to completion/released within a month

·       Implied Endorsement - Association with talent is an implied endorsement, meaning the association and placement implies that the product is used and 'approved of' by the talent without additional endorsement fees.

·       Assets Galore – Music videos live online forever, but there are additional assets that can be sources and re-purposed.  For example, behind-the-scenes footage, still shots, and more can be used for internal sales and marketing purposes (and often B2B trade shows)

  • Consider additional social media posts & promotions with this integration (Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

·       Promotion/PR – The talent, label, and managers want the video to be a success just as much as the brand so there will be dual efforts to promote the content AND media outlets are more likely to pick up a story that has a “celebrity” associated.

·       Cost Efficient – Many brands assume this is out of there price range, but the truth is it is one of the more affordable celebrity partnerships with the most bang for your buck.  The fee is based on the talent (Beyonce > Next Big Punk Rock Band), length of duration on screen, and brand category. 

The phrase used to be "Content is King" - Now it's "Entertainment is King".

I encourage you to check out the OK Go "The One Moment" video on Morton Salt's "Walk Her Walk" page.  A beautifully executed campaign and maybe the most visually stimulating music video I've seen in a long time - Morton Salt's "Walk Her Walk" 

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