Not Your Average "Living Room Jam Session" - An AirBnb Highlight!

AirBnb is a platform that thrives off the user's unique experience.  In an effort to expand upon that, they need to align with other 'experiences' - And what better experience than MUSIC, which knows no bounds in terms of demographic (and creativity!).  

As AirBnb promotes its new "trips" initiative, which offers more than just a place to stay but also activities, they are giving "living room jam sessions" a major upgrade (and leveraging some strategic partnerships).

“Music is an incredible way to bring people together,” AirBnB CEO Brian Chesky said at the time. “We’re launching Music Experiences to give people access to exclusive and immersive music events — from intimate live performances, special pop-up gigs, underground music sessions, and meeting local artists and performers.”

If your brand relies heavily on creating a consumer experience, entertainment partnerships and activations may be the key to success!  

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Check out the full article from Variety.

AirBnB Living Room.png