"Recalculating" - More than just directions from your GPS.

All according to plan, I started my professional career in Los Angeles in the summer of 2006 after graduating from LMU.  In 2007, I entered the very professional corporate world to boost my resume.  Years later, I 'recalculated' and began my career in the entertainment industry in 2010.  Late in 2015, after working in entertainment on brand, agency, and talent sides, I 'recalculated' again and relocated to Seattle where I now work very closely with brands and media platforms within the cannabis industry.  

I never would have predicted when I first graduated from college that I would end up in Seattle - Not to mention working in the cannabis industry.  When the road gets tough or you're too focused on the next opportunity, you forget to cherish where you're from and what 'route' you took to get where you are today.

In many ways I'm still "recalculating", as are many others, and this Jeep Compass commercial reminded me of the journey in my rearview mirror while energizing me for the adventure ahead.  

Great ad, and of course the marketer in me thinks there's ‘leg room’ if they want to expand this campaign into tour sponsorships or celebrity diaries highlighting their "recalculating" moments (just saying!).  

All puns totally intended.