The Fyre Festival Failure, NDAs, and the Lesson of the Week

Ever wonder why people who work in the entertainment industry are always talking about NDAs? The article below is EXACTLY why.  The experienced event production team knew the event was going to fail far before it made national and international headlines.  

As someone who has produced numerous events and worked with securing talent, reading about this experience made my stomach turn with anxiety.  I can only imagine those awkward and difficult phone calls regarding payment, or that sinking feeling when you realize that management has no idea what they are doing.  It's scary and it's your name on line, just as much as theirs.  

I did literally 'lol' (more like a yelp, thinking "how could this situation get any worse for them!") when I read that last line, "And baby, they forgot to make me sign an NDA." - Oh, how that must burn like 'Fyre',

That being said, even with all the hype around Fyre Festival's failure, there are plenty of successful events and reliable production companies creating beautifully branded experiences everywhere.  When an event is the 4th or 5th annual event, most likely it runs like a well-oiled machine at this point.  Behind these scenes, the production team may squirm and work insane hours to make things happen, but they have a proven track record of success and they know the drill.  No matter how hectic it may be behind these scenes, it almost always gets done with happy clients.

Lesson of the Week: Don't let one big news story turn you off from a great opportunity.