Breaking the Stigma in the Cannabis Industry - NewWest Summit 3.0

Last week I attended NewWest Summit 3.0 in Oakland, which is focuses on business, media, and tech within the cannabis industry.  There were countless entrepreneurs there sharing their stories about they overcame hurdles and their tricks to success.  

While at the hotel restaurant a man stopped me and asked if I was part of the "Cannabis Tech Conference" to which he followed up with "What do you guys even talk about", and then a laugh.  Ugh - I get this quite a bit when I explain it to some of my old college friends (slight jab, you know who you are :) ).  I went on to explain the state of the industry, the conversations and sessions taking place, etc. He thanked me for the overview, but I think he was just shocked that there are professionals in the cannabis space and the dedication/attention being paid. 

See, all the panelists and presenters, all the brands in the conference hall with their products on display...these are true entrepreneurs and pioneers of the Cannabis Industry.  They wake up every day with a fire beneath them because they have to fight to keep their businesses alive, overcome hurdles other industries don't have to deal with, spend nights reading up on the latest regulation changes to see how they will impact their business. 

Talk about breaking the stigma.

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Kandypens - The Next BEATS by DRE?

Just because MTV 'retired' music videos doesn't mean they don't exist.  Music videos still get MILLIONS of views online, and the content lives FOREVER - Plus, it's more affordable than you may think!  

Through their entertainment partnerships, Kandy Pens has established themselves as a top vape pen brand in a space that is growing exponentially - 470 million views and counting with their most recent placement below.  Regardless of whether or not they are "the one" or best on the market, the point is that they are following in the steps of BEATS by DRE - And we all know how that worked out.

Every brand should have a music and entertainment marketing strategy to keep their product top-of-mind.  Conversion and sales will always be a top priority, but neglecting to make overall brand awareness a main focus could set you up for failure as the market changes.  Entertainment marketing strategies are NOT a "one size fits all" - A tactic that works for a brand may not work for another so it's important to identify goals and customize a program that further supports your traditional marketing and advertising strategies.

Feel free to reach out to me directly for more information on available entertainment partnerships:

Happy 7/10?

Happy 7/10? Huh? It's the new 420? Wait, what?

Before working in cannabis, I just thought "dabbing" was a dumb dance move that athletes were incorporating into their victory routines (...and then almost immediately losing in the next big game, following the same trend as getting a tattoo of your significant other's name). So naturally, I also thought 7/10 was just July 10th. Silly me.

7/10 is a national holiday for the cannabis community that consumes concentrates - OIL (wax, shutter, BHO, etc.). 710 upside down and backwards is OIL - oh so clever. It's commonly referred to as "Dab Day" or "Oil Day". "Dabbing" is a technique that is growing in popularity due to the quick and intense high that can be achieved. Before you roll your eyes and make the assumption this is a "stoner's dream", as it is often cast in a negative light because of the overall consumption process, this has also been incredibly helpful for those using medical marijuana for instant relief. Some consumers also report that this method of consumption has helped them quit more serious addictions including opioids.

Focusing on the benefits versus the stigma associated will assist with further legalization regulations.